How to Add IP Camera

How to Add IP Camera

Go to the Applications folder on your mac, and the start IP Cam Driver app. The app runs as an icon on the mac's status bar. Click on the app icon to expand it.

To add your IP Camera, click the Edit button, and select "Add New Cam ...". You will need to enter the camera's raw MJPEG or JPEG URL. Different camera model will have different URLs. The app has a search function to make it easier to find the correct URL. To use it, enter your camera's make/model into the search box, and select the camera the app finds.

  • Start IP Cam Driver

  • Add New IP Cam

  • Search IP Cam by Make/Model

Enter the camera IP address and port into the app. If your camera has a user ID and password, please enter them as well. Please note the "Address" field. This is the actual URL that the app will use to access the MJPEG or JPEG stream.

  • Enter Camera Setting

Click the "Test" button to make sure the app can access the camera with the URL. If the test is successful, click the "Add" button to add the camera into the driver.

Please note that sometimes a camera model might have multiple URLs. Try them all until you find one that is working for your camera.

Once your IP camera is added, you can use the driver with other apps on your computer.

If you run into trouble adding your IP camera, please contact us with your camera make and model. We can help you and check if the camera is supported.